Submissions When deciding how to submit your film, choose the category that best describes your film's production environment, distribution method and/or purpose:

A - Feature Film
Animated Feature: Animated film considered full- or feature-length

B - Independent Short Films Competition
Short-format, non-commissioned animated films or videos
Note: As it is extremely rare that any short film exceeding 30 minutes is selected for competition, we strongly recommend a maximum length of 30 minutes.
Narrative Short: Structured with some sort of narrative or story. (ie. "something happens")
Experimental/Abstract Animation: Structured without a clear narrative or cause-effect plotline.

C - Student Animation Competition
Films made by students who are either enrolled in a school, or were enrolled during the films’ production
Undergraduate Animation: Films directed by students enrolled in a post-secondary (diploma or degree) program that lasts from 6 months to 4 years, with the standard requirement usually being a high school diploma.
Graduation Animation: Films directed by students in a post-graduate (diploma or degree) program that lasts from 6 months to 2 years, and requires prior experience or an undergraduate diploma/degree for enrollment. In addition, "final" or "thesis" (graduation) projects for undergraduate programs would be considered within this category.
D - Animation School Showreel
A 40 minute reel of student short films as chosen by the school. Must include full films, no demos or clips.

E- Commissioned Films Competition
Works that are funded and produced for specific commercial or promotional purposes
Commissioned Animation: Includes but not limited to commercials, title sequences, station/program identification spots, music videos, and animation series made for adults. Please note only one episode per series is eligible and is limited to 22 minutes and under.

F - Films/Videos Made for Children
Works that are produced and distributed specifically for children and youth demographics
Short Animation Made for Children: Any non-feature animated film (under 30 minutes) that is aimed specifically at young audiences.
Animation Series Made for Children: Any special or series (22 minutes and under) created specifically for a young audience. Only one episode per series is eligible.
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